XForte Cottage Unveils Brand Ambassador

XForte Cottage Unveils Brand Ambassador. In an exciting development for the real estate industry, renowned actor Ibrahim Chatta has been unveiled as the brand ambassador for XForte Cottage Nigeria Limited. The event occurred at the company’s Ibadan office on June 5, 2024, drawing notable figures in the company.

The partnership with Ibrahim Chatta marks a significant milestone for XForte Cottage, a leading name in Nigeria’s real estate sector. The collaboration enhances the company’s brand visibility and credibility, leveraging Chatta’s popularity and influence.

During the unveiling ceremony, Chatta expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting his admiration for XForte Cottage’s commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate development. He noted that he is eager to contribute to the company’s growth and success.

XForte Cottage Nigeria Limited, renowned for its premium housing projects, customer-centric approach, and estate development company, believes this partnership will further solidify its reputation as a trusted name in the industry. As the owner of the luxury Golden Rock Estate in Ajoda, Ibadan, XForte Cottage is confident that Ibrahim Chatta’s endorsement will resonate well with their target audience, fostering greater trust and engagement.

XForte Cottage Unveils Brand Ambassador

The unveiling event was a vibrant affair, featuring speeches from company executives, a showcase of upcoming projects, and a photo session with the new brand ambassador. Attendees were treated to a first-hand look at the company’s vision for the future, with Chatta playing a pivotal role in their promotional campaigns.